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Join us at the Rubielos De Mora Pizza Festival on June 21-22! Sponsored by Revolve Oven and the AVPN, this event features celebrity pizza chefs showcasing the finest Spanish products. Experience masterclasses on pizza techniques, indulge in world-class pizza, and enjoy the picturesque beauty of Rubielos de Mora.

This festival celebrates the art of pizza-making, uniting enthusiasts from around the globe. Don’t miss this unique culinary event that blends tradition, innovation, and the vibrant flavors of the finest Spanish Truffles, Jamon and Quesos

When: 22 June, 5PM
Where: Hotel la Villa, Rubielos De Mora, Spain

  • Andrea Danelli

    Andrea Danelli

    Sourdough specialist and a pizza consultant

  • Antonia Ricciardi

    Antonia Ricciardi

    AVPN ambassador of Spain and President of University of Italian Pizza in the World

  • Ciro Coppola

    Ciro Coppola

    AVPN ambassador and pizzaiolo from Naples, Italy


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